From behind the walls of the Bulgarian prisons

About a year has passed since the violent rape gang assaulted, sexually molested and raped up to 10 victims in Sofia Central Prison’s 8th Group. Just by the passing of time all those involved including the Mayor-Prisoner (responsible prisoner for the group), the Social-Inspector, the guards posted to 8th Group and the perpetrators and victims have all moved on to different places in the national prison system. However not a single perpetrator was ever charged for the mass rapes that…

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BPRA waiting for registration

We are currently waiting for our association to be registered in the Sofia city court, a strange bulgarian law means all NGO’s have to be registered through the courts.So far the judge overlooking the registration has made no objection to the right of the association of prisoners and has requested that the associations president – Jock Palfreeman have his signature confirmed by witnesses as the court failed to call the founding members in person to the court hearing. The Bulgarian…

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