So you’ve been arrested….
The handcuffs have been put on you by a smartarse cop and he starts pushing you towards his car or office. You’re freaking out and thinking about your friends or family and how they will react to this. Your heart is pumping and you start to think that your life is over. However this is a critical time and what you do next can affect the rest of your life. There are a few steps that can reduce the harshness of your sentence.

(full text as pdf: So you’ve been arrested.pdf)

So your loved one is arrested….
Your son, husband, father, brother, daughter, sister, wife or mother has been arrested. They are not going to have too many people looking out for them and it is the entire state of Bulgaria against your loved one. This means that what you do can greatly improve the conditions of prison for him/her and also reduce the amount of time s/he will be in prison.

(full text as pdf: So your loved one is arrested.pdf)