The truth about prison guards in Bulgaria


For some time now the Bulgarian prison guards have been grumbling about their wages. Of course like everyone they claim that they are underpaid and overworked. Mostly they base this claim on the lie that their job is somehow worse or more dangerous than any other job. However if you looked at the facts it is clear that guards not only shouldn’t have a pay rise, but that actually they are being paid too much at the expense of the…

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Reply to statement concerning prisons

The text (available only in Bulgarian) released by the FAB (Federation of the Anarchists in Bulgaria) on the webpage of their newspaper ‘Svobodna Misal’ (‘Free Thought’) written by Hristo Nikolov has some valid points. However the question arises ‘what the hell would FAB know about prisons in Bulgaria?’ Instead of the FAB showing solidarity towards prisoners and in this case with myself, the FAB has lead a campaign of lies against me for many years. The actions of the FAB…

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How to fight corruption? A response from BPRA

The minister of justice announced public discussion in combating corruption in the justice system. This is the response of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association. Proposal From Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association In connection with the ‘Public Discussion’ announced by the Minister of Justice Tsatcheva Amongst the topics for discussion are the following: Which organs (institutions) should battle corruption at the different levels of power? Should the local authorities join the law-enforcing authorities in their atni-corruption fight? What should be the correlation between…

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