You stand up for your rights, but all you get is more repressions


The attacks against members and supporters of the only organised union of prisoners in Bulgaria – the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association (BPRA) – are not something new to us. They have been common since the very foundation of this organisation. Today, on the 6th years of BPRA’s existence, the repressions are intensifying.

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‘The countryside is the best’, but who is paying for the holiday?

Pazardjik Prison Vol. 2 Hello, friends! It’s been a while since I wrote to you last from this hole. I had decided to write again when I got a more positive outlook on things… I have tried to muster some positive feelings about my stay here, but alas…there is always a “but”… I had just come back from a court hearing for one of my lawsuits against CDES (Chief Directorate “Execution of Sentences”) and the Ministry of Justice when I…

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The prison in Pazardjik city: a story from inside

The Pazardjik prison is a classic. I had heard a lot about it but now that I’m here, have no words to describe what I’m going through. Most people are mentally unstable or one step away from it, especially the prison management. The institution’s director Veselin Kotzev behaves like he’s at a market square. He screams, scolds and doesn’t know the letter of the law. Or rather, knows it, but behaves like a spoiled brat. His way or the high…

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